Check-up programs

We monitor your good health.

You're happy with your health, and you're feel­ing fit and alert. Great! That is what we like to hear from all our visit­ors and pa­tients! But good health isn't some­thing we can take for grant­ed. By per­form­ing re­gu­lar health check-ups, signs of de­terio­rat­ing bodily func­tions and gene­ral health prob­lems can be recog­nized at an early stage, and steps can be taken to coun­ter prob­lems and keep you feel­ing healthy and fit, for a long time to come.
Because pre­ven­tion and early re­cog­ni­tion need to look at diffe­rent aspects at diffe­rent ages, we have de­vel­oped 3 spe­ci­al­ized pack­ages, tailo­red to your curr­ent age group, plus one addi­tio­nal pack­age we call the "pre-wed­ding check-up", espe­cial­ly for the big and happy step in a couple's life.

General check-up program
 (THB 3,500)

The general check-up program is perfectly suited for young people up to the age of 40. It consists of:

Special check-up program 40-60 years
 (THB 5,000)

This program is specially adapted to the middle age group, and contains:

Elderly check-up program
 (THB 6,000)

This program is aimed at persons from age 60 onward:

Pre-wedding check-up program
 (male THB 3,500 – female THB 4,000)

Our program for couples entering marriage. All tests are the same for both male and female partner, except where noted:

Good to know before examinations:



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